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Elise and Millie

Elise and Millie

Birth Bubble hypnobirthing

I first met Elise a couple of years ago when she was pregnant with her gorgeous daughter, Millie. She and her husand were one of the first couples I ever cooked for and probably the most enthusiastic and appreciative! Although I’m not sure that’s all down to my skills in the kitchen… Elise’s upbeat energy appears to carry through to all aspects of her life.

Since having a really positive birth experience in 2017 (which she attributes to hypnobirthing), Elise founded Birth Bubble so she could equip other couples with the tools and knowledge to prepare them for a calm, confident birth - however that may look to them. She has a no-nonsense, practical approach which I find very refreshing!

Elise offers group and private classes in NW London.

niddle noddle

Surely the number 1 children’s boutique in London?

It’s hard to wander by and not pop in for a browse (impossible if the kids are with you). Katrine and Eilidh have thoughtfully curated the most beautiful collection of toys, childrenswear and home ware. The kind of things you’ll want in your house and will likely keep forever. There’s also the super-fast, iconic yellow slide in the corner of the store which will buy you a little uninterrupted shopping time.

I know I will be visiting long after I need to just because it’s such a lovely place to hang out. And there’s always a baby somewhere I can buy for!

Niddle Noddle, 5 Topsfield Parade, London N8 8PR


nurturing mums.jpg

nurturing mums

A non-judgemental, postnatal group full of supportive new mums? I needed this back in the day when I was home alone with my colicky, reflux baby and was happy to go to anything to get out the house (yes! even Gymboree with a 6-week old, how I look back now and laugh at myself).

Nurturing Mums run courses in Muswell Hill, Islington and Crouch End and provide a sociable, friendly environment to share experiences with other mums. Each week they bring in an expert to answer any burning questions you may have on topics like sleep, nutrition, first aid, weaning and erm… sleep.

As a way to meet new mums in your area, it sure beats hanging out with Gymbo the clown whilst waving primary coloured objects in your bewildered baby’s face.