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"Thank you Jemma - would highly recommend! You've made becoming a new parent for the second time a whole lot easier!"

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"Jemma, you’re SO fantastic and we miss Nourish Mama so very much!!"

“The cookies are YUM! I’m not lying when I say this… I have had lower than usual milk supply these last 2-3 days and after 2 of your lactation cookies, I went straight back up to maximum!”

- AB (breastfeeding mother), n17

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"Having recently had my second baby I knew I'd be time poor and sleep deprived and really wanted to eat well but wasn't sure I'd manage it on my own. I used Jemma's postnatal food delivery service and was not disappointed. Jemma knew my likes / dislikes and lifestyle following a nutrition consultation and made the food delicious as well as filling (and obviously nutritious)!

Firm favourites over 3 weeks worth of meals for me and my partner was the Thai green curry and black bean burgers. It really took away the stress and thought process of preparing great food to eat, at a time when I didn't have time to think about myself or my other half. Thank you Jemma - would highly recommend! You've made becoming a new parent for the second time a whole lot easier!"

- LH (mother of two), N20

"Oh, I loved all of the meals! I'm in love with the fact that it's all zero-waste as well."

KF (new mother), E2

"Fantastic food, I would recommend to any sleep deprived new parents. It’s so hard to cook in those first few weeks and Jemma makes it so much easier."

KM (mother of two boys), N8

"Nourish Mamma has a beautiful variety of delicious healthy meals, prepared with care, and personally delivered.

It was a comfort, during the first weeks of being new parents, to know that there was a healthy and delicious meal waiting to be heated.

I will definitely get any local new parent I know, a Nourish Mamma gift voucher."


“Wow! Your food! So, so delicious, with each mouthful we are singing your praises!”

AB (new mama), N17

“Last night I went to sleep with the biggest smile on my face, I felt satisfied and nourished beyond words! The service and food you are providing me with is the best gift anyone could give me right now. Thank you also for being so easy to work with and all your lovely suggestions.”

- RH (pregnant), NW1

“We are really loving your nourishing food. It’s proving a real help to us. Thank you!”

- father of toddler and newborn

“The food has been delicious, we’ve eaten every morsel and been so grateful for how nourished and supported we’ve all felt from this incredible service! Thank you so much.”

- LN(Mother of toddler and newborn)

“Nourish Mama was an absolute god(ess)-send when we embarked (unintentionally!) on moving house with a week old baby. Jemma’s meals were packaged beautifully, delivered conveniently and most important were delicious and nutritious. Couldn’t recommend more highly!”

- LD, N22

"New parents / parents-to-be - you need this in your life! Nourish Mama was an actual godsend to my husband and I when our baby arrived a couple of months ago."

"I ordered healthy meals and juices from Jemma during fertility treatment. It felt so reassuring to have homemade, nutritious meals that worked with my pre-conception diet (including veggie, gluten and dairy free). The juices felt restorative and cleansing for my body after all the medication and procedures.

Each meal was delicious and easy to warm up. My cheeky husband suggested we order all the time! I would definitely order again as the meals are great value, delicious and convenient."

undergoing fertility treatment, N19

Jemma's cooking is simply delicious, the perfect nourishment for the weeks after giving birth, where you just want to lounge about, recover and stare at your baby :) You can taste how much love and effort she puts into making these wonderful dishes. I might actually stop getting take aways and treat myself to a permanent nourish mama weekly order! 

Another added touch is the beautiful packaging, mostly glass,which Jemma picks up after you've polished everything off, no waste whatsoever. The added impeccable customer service, the whole experience is a delight.

The dishes are also easy to freeze should you wish to have them at a later date and come with easy to follow cooking instructions.

So happy this wonderful company excists and can't recommend highly enough to all expecting and new mums or anyone who loves healthy and delicious food! 

Personal favourite are the oat and chocolate cookies, I'm obsessed! 


"Everything has been lovely; you are a great cook and we do feel nourished, like we're looking after ourselves as well as the boys. It's all too easy to fall into an unhealthy trap when you're tired and sleep deprived and eat the wrong things that won't make you feel better and I feel so much brighter and positive about things knowing I don't even have to think about that really. Portion sizes are good, balanced and generous enough for small seconds. I honestly can't think of anything negative to say. You need a (relatively) guilt free dessert menu next!"

- HQ (mother to 3 boys), N8

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"The last thing we had time to even think about was cooking for ourselves in the evenings and like many new parents, we would have been living on toast or takeaways. But thankfully, in came Jemma with her Nourish Mama service and the most delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals.

With Jemma’s meals, we would both feel instantly better after dinner - her meals are like massive hugs, which all new and very sleep deprived parents need!

Jemma is a huge support both before baby arrives and afterwards - she’ll guide you on best nutrition and give fantastic tips. I found her pregnancy suggestions incredibly helpful.

As for the meals, each one is so perfectly thought through... from the packaging, to ingredients, accompaniments for each dish... and of course the additional surprise treats she throws in (think fresh juices / healthy snacks).

The menu is varied and every dish we tried was delicious. Our favourites were the lamb casserole, fish pie and chickpea curry... all way better than you’d get in any restaurant!

This service would make the most amazing present for new parents... or treat yourself if you’re soon to be greeted with a small human... as looking after yourself has never been more important than when parenthood arrives!

My husband and I are still talking about Jemma’s delicious meals several weeks later... this service is really not to be missed! We can’t stress enough how much of a difference it made to our wellbeing in those early weeks! We would be told in those early weeks by various visitors/friends how “well we were coping”... and I’m sure a very large part of that was because we were well fed each evening with the help of Nourish Mama."

- ET (first time mum), N20

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